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Reality Eludes Me


What Should I Do?


Margaret Hamilton, “The Wizard of Oz”, 1939
Photographer: Virgil Apger 


this cat’s prettier than i am






I am going to just keep reblogging this thing forever.

This is my favorite image on the entire internet.

always reblog 

I say what I feel,
Do as I please,
At the end of the day,
I rest at ease.

Every day we wake up to a brand
new, and I am out there searching for

I'm eighteen years old, and curiosity is what will bring me to the end of my life (x If someone were to ask me to jump off a cliff, I'd do it not because they told me to, but because I'm up for anything and those are the people I like being around.

Animals, The Environment, Culture, Poetry, Live Music, Current Events, Bike Rides, Learning New Languages, Benjamin's Wall, Philosophical Q's
Creating Friendships <3

All of my love, Priscilla Putzel

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